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A Timeless Classic: Satin's Everlasting Allure

From the dugout to the streets, the magnetic appeal of the satin baseball jacket is timeless. Step up to the plate with Branded Originals' Satin Varsity Jacket, an iconic jacket that effortlessly marries style with modern customization possibilities.

Our Materials: Where Comfort Meets Durability

We use premium polyester satin for the outer layer, guaranteeing both comfort and longevity. With our advanced customization features, you can choose your jacket colors on body, sleeves, cuffs and trims.

Our inner layer uses game-changing quilted lining. It doesn't just offer insulation; it adds an extra layer of luxurious comfort, elevating your jacket from merely stylish to divinely cozy.

Your Brand, Your Emblem

With four spots for embroidery, our satin varsity jackets give you plenty of room to make your mark. Whether it's a school emblem, company logo, or sports team badge, our twill and embroidered patches let your brand speak for itself.

Included in your purchase is the option for a personalized name for each team member. After all, what's a custom jacket if it doesn't tell you who's wearing it?

When it comes to satin baseball jackets, Branded Originals custom satin varsity jackets are a blend of timeless elegance and limitless customization. Customize your legacy today.