A Nostalgic Classic, Remastered

The varsity cardigan isn't just a sweater; it's a statement piece that echoes the timeless sophistication of yesteryear. Introducing Branded Originals’ Cotton Fleece Varsity Cardigan — a retro classic, revamped to match your modern flair.

Material & Customization: Craftsmanship Meets Personal Taste

Crafted from an optimal blend of 80% cotton and 20% polyester, our cardigans offer unmatched comfort and resilience. But why stop at superb fabric? Experience full creative freedom as you handpick the color for every section of your sweater — body, sleeves, cuffs and trims.

Take personalization a step further with our lining options. Go minimalistic with no lining, opt for the opulence of black satin, or push the envelope with custom-printed lining that's as unique as your style.

Embroidery That Tells Your Story

With up to four designated embroidery areas, your cardigan can represent much more than fashion. It can tell a story. Celebrate your alma mater, sports team or even your company with precision-embroidered twill logos and patches.

Add Your Custom Logo and an Extra Personal Touch

As the cherry on top, each cardigan includes a personalized name for each member of your group, because true style is never anonymous.

At Branded Originals, we don't just make cardigans. We offer an experience — a unique blend of retro charm and cutting-edge customization. Craft your legacy today.