Custom Leather Varsity Jackets

Showcase your team spirit and accomplishments with our custom leather varsity jackets. Whether you're a player, coach, manager, or supporter, Branded Originals' leather varsity jackets offer a stylish and unique way to represent your sports and activities teams, from football and basketball, to chess, esports, and beyond.

With both genuine and faux leather options, these jackets are designed with melton wool for durability and warmth. The customization process is made easy with the Branded Originals Design Lab, allowing you to create a one-of-a-kind jacket.

How Does It Work?

Start by choosing the perfect color combination for each section of your jacket - body, sleeves, cuffs, and even the hood. Add up to four locations of twill and embroidered patches to showcase your team logo, name, or any other design that speaks to your team spirit.

For an extra personal touch, add an embroidered name to your jacket. This feature allows you to display your name or the name of a loved one with pride. These custom jackets make thoughtful and memorable gifts for athletes, coaches, and supporters alike.

Please note, we require a minimum order of 12 per design to ensure the highest quality and consistency in our custom jackets. However, each design can be personalized with individual names and numbers, allowing every team member to enjoy a unique jacket. All other design features must remain consistent across all items in the order.

Are you ready to wear your achievements on your sleeve? Start designing your unique leather varsity jacket today!