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Letterman Jacket Builder

Branded Originals' letterman jacket builder allows you to choose from a variety of materials and colors to create a jacket or hoodie that suits your style.

Create the Perfect Hockey Hoodie with Branded Originals

The Branded Originals custom hockey hoodie collection is a selection of high-quality hoodies designed with hockey fans in mind. These hoodies are made from resilient fleece, ensuring both comfort and durability.

With Branded Originals, you have full control over your hoodie's design. Customize the color of the body, sleeves, cuffs, and hood to match your preferences. Depending on style, you can also add up to four areas of twill and embroidered patches for showcasing your team logo or any other unique design.

Additionally, our hockey hoodies feature an option for an embroidered name. This adds another layer of personalization, allowing you to display your name or that of your favorite player.

Our custom hockey hoodies are perfect for just about every occasion, from the ice rink to schools and corporate teams. Start your order today and create a unique hoodie that reflects your passion for hockey.

How Does It Work?

Customizing your hockey hoodie is simple with our Branded Originals Design Lab. Pick your preferred garment and trim colors, decide on the patch locations, and add a personalized nickname.

Remember, we have a minimum order of 12 items per design due to our manufacturing process. However, individual custom names and numbers won't impact this minimum quantity requirement, provided all other designs and features are consistent across the order.

Show your love for the game in a way that's distinctly you. With Branded Originals, you can create a design that stands out and stands the test of time.